Talks and Workshops

i would love to arrange a workshop for you. i have some prepared workshops, or we could work around some of the themes below. do contact me to discuss your workshop needs. we can tailor the workshop to suit your particular needs. for the time being, during the covid-19 lockdown, these workshops will be online workshops

The Emotional impact of Covid-19 lockdown and pandemic on young children. What can we do to assist our children?

Home-Grown Babies : The first 12 months are crucial to child development, and this stage of development lays the foundation for all later development. What do you need to know to enhance your baby’s sensory and motor development in the first year of life. – A workshop for pregnant moms and dads.

Avoiding and Managing Tantrum Behaviour and Meltdowns in Toddler

 How to cope with a fussy eater: Understand why your little one is so fussy, and discover new ways to address feeding difficulties.

 Understanding and addressing Concentration Difficulties

School Readiness :  Laying the foundation for school readiness by ensuring appropriate sensorimotor, gross motor development, fine motor development, perceptual and language development.

Low Muscle Tone and Joint Hypermobility : How can you help your child?

Developing and Improving Fine Motor Ability in the young child

The Impact of Television and use of Tablets and Smart phones in young children. What is the impact of digital media, especially on very young children?

 Understanding planning difficulties. Why body awareness, sequencing and timing matter.

Distinguishing between Emotional and Sensory Behaviour issues

Helping left handed children: Why left-handers experience difficulties and how we can assist them in coping better in a right handed world.

Understanding and addressing Sleep difficulties

School refusal. Exploring the many reasons for school refusal, and guidance on making the environment easier to manage.



Understanding your child’s sensory preferences

So what’s all the fuss about crawling?

The Importance of Play